Health news of the week 29.08.2016

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This week on health news:


The passion for coffee may lie in our DNAThe passion for coffee may lie in our DNA

New research suggests that our genes have an impact on how much coffee we drink. Scientists analyzed genetic data from more than 1,200 Italians and came to the conclusion that those of them who had the variant gene PDSS2, drink a daily an average of one cup of coffee less, compared to those who do not have the gene.

A similar study done in the Netherlands confirmed this thesis. The findings suggest that PDSS2 reduces the cell’s ability to break down caffeine, which means that it shall be in the body for a longer time. In other words, people with this gene variant do not need so much coffee, as those who do not have the gene, to get the desired effect.

Mushrooms and their anti-cancer propertiesMushrooms and their anti-cancer properties

As shown by recent studies, mushrooms are an excellent way to fight cancer cells. Scientists also claim that they can prevent the reproduction of the HIV. Their properties, do not end there! They can further reduce cholesterol levels and help regulate blood pressure.

Scientists from Japan found that mushrooms (especially shiitake), can be the indispensable aid in the treatment of any diseases, including acting anti-cancer – inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in our body.

Dark side of serotonin

Serotonin dark side.

As it turns out, antidepressants such as Prozac or Zoloft – bringing relief to thousands of people throughout the world, have some potentially dangerous side effects. It should be among them include an increased feeling of fear and anxiety in the first weeks of using medications.

Antidepressants can, therefore, help to improve mood, but not always right away. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors acting on specific brain circuits, seem to improve mood, but acting on different systems, may initially produce the opposite effect.

Citrus fruits helpful in obeseCitrus fruits helpful in obese

Citrus fruits can be a great help in preventing complications associated with obesity. According to the research, they can prevent heart disease the liver and diabetes. All this thanks to the wealth of flavonoids – the type of antioxidants that effectively support our bodies in the fight against many chronic diseases associated with excess body weight. These beneficial substances reduce the oxidative stress is useful in preventing the development of illness.


That’s all in our health news this week. Visit us next week to learn more.

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