Health news of the week 12.12.2016

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This week on health news:


Optimism prolongs the life!

A glass half full or half empty? The answer to this question may not be matters of life and death, but according to recent studies, in particular for women, can have a considerable importance. A new survey suggests that women who have a positive attitude to life, are less vulnerable to premature death in contrast to those less optimistic.

Researchers from Boston suggest that people should treat positive approach to life, as a way to improve health. Numerous tests have shown that optimistic people have better mental and physical health, including up to twice as likely to have a healthier heart in comparison to the pessimists. Based on the analysis of 70,000 women whose health status was assessed for two years, was checked how their optimism affects their health. The studies also took into account other factors like high blood pressure, diet and physical activity. The test results are surprising, because women who were more optimistic, reduced the risk of premature death by 30%. Additionally, reduced by 16% the risk of cancer, with 38% of heart problems, up to 39% risk of stroke, 38% risk of respiratory diseases and up to 52% risk of infection. Attitude to life, therefore, has an enormous impact on our biology, so we should start thinking positively!

sweet-potatoesWater from cooking sweet potato can help with weight loss

Sweet potatoes are creamy and subtly sweet vegetables that successfully can be a component of savory pastries, and at the same time are also extremely healthy and nutritious. As it is suggested by recent studies, even water from with cooking sweet potatoes can be a great help in digestion and weight loss.

Sweet potatoes are extremely nutritious because of a high content of carotenoids, and vitamin A are invaluable for the health of our eyes, they have antioxidant and anti-aging properties, and additionally assist in cancer prevention. They also contain a complex of B vitamins, which help the body in the absorption of energy from food and are the building blocks of red blood cells and also are rich in protein, which scientists trace the properties of weight loss. Researchers in Japan have discovered that the water from cooking sweet potatoes is also a rich source of beneficial ingredients that can help lose weight, and even think about using its high amounts that arise as a result of industrial production the sweet potato! Studies in mice have shown that water from the sweet potato helps to reduce body weight and fatty liver, can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and also lessen the amount of metabolic hormones, leptin, and adiponectin.

A handful of nuts per day reduces the risk of disease and deathnuts-and-health

The high fiber content, low in saturated fat and lots of antioxidants make nuts one of the healthiest and most nutritious snacks. According to recent studies, the health benefits of regular consumption of nuts may be greater than we think.

As suggested by the researchers, a handful of nuts per day can give us many health benefits. Among them, mention may be known before – reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as bring the latest findings, the reduction in mortality associated with respiratory illness, diabetes neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and renal diseases. The study included all types of nuts, like walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and pine nuts as well as peanuts, which are legumes. Consumption of nuts associated with the overall decrease in the risk of death up to 22%. 20 grams of nuts per day, is the perfect amount for our health and long life.

chemoteraphy-and-ovulationChemotherapy can stimulate ovulation in women

New studies show that the combination of drugs used during chemotherapy can increase the number of immature eggs in the ovaries. Scientists warn, however, that it is too early for that to be able to confirm its effects on female fertility, but the discovery is promising.

Scientists from the UK after analyzing tissue samples from 14 of the ovaries of women who have undergone chemotherapy, and 13 healthy women, found that women are not necessarily born with a certain number of eggs, as it may be, that it’s possible to develop them in a lifetime. Fertility depends on many factors, including the age or type of medication and dosage, but the study of the drug combination ABVD ( a kind of chemotherapy which does not affect female fertility) has shown that it can increase the density of bubbles in the ovarian tissue. Unfortunately, is not known whether it can ultimately increase the number of mature eggs. Further studies are needed for large groups since it is necessary to observe the effect of chemotherapy in a greater spectrum also with consequences.


That’s all in our health news this week. Visit us next week to learn more.

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