Health news of the week 19.12.2016

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This week on health news:


Long-term use of certain painkillers can lead to hearing loss in womenpainkillers-and-hearing-loss

According to recent studies, the risk of hearing loss later in life seems to be higher in women taking paracetamol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Women taking medicines regularly for six years or more are at increased risk of loss of hearing, compared to those who used it only for one year.

The researchers say that the risk of hearing loss associated with the use of painkillers is relatively small, but because of its massive consumption, may pose serious health consequences. The results of the research have been developed through the analysis of information on the hearing of women, and their use of ibuprofen, paracetamol, and aspirin. After a thorough analysis, it appears that long-term consumption of analgesics can increase the risk of hearing problems by up to 10%. There was no evidence, however, of a similar connection with the use of aspirin, but it may have something to do with the fact that aspirin is nowadays less popular than ibuprofen or paracetamol. The reason for the link between analgesics and hearing loss has not been clearly defined, therefore caution is advisable in the use of them in excess.

festing-vs-laukemiaFasting can help in treating the most common leukemia in children

The researchers found that temporary fasting can help combat the most common type of leukemia occurring in children – acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Based on studies conducted on mice was discovered that short-term fasting help eliminates cancer cells. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia called acute myelogenous leukemia is cancer that arises in immature white blood cells in the bone marrow (lymphocytes). It is a type of leukemia that affects an average of 3 out of 4 children with leukemia. The primary method of treatment of the disease is chemotherapy, but according to the latest findings, real terms way of therapy can be fasting. Intermittent fasting can enhance the anti-tumor activity of chemotherapy, but this relationship is not yet entirely clear. So far scientists have proved by studies carried out on rodents that reducing intake of foods for short periods (day fasting, the day of a regular diet) helps not only to destroy cancer cells but also stop the development of all the subtypes. What is interesting this therapy does not function in adults – only in children. As the researchers say, fasting helps to reduce the level of leptin – the hormone of satiety, as a consequence accelerating the destruction of cancer cells.

Obesity in adolescents significantly increases the risk of heart disease in the future, regardless of ethnic originobesity-and-heart

New research on the relationship that develops in a connection between obesity in adolescents, and the risk of heart disease in early adulthood, regardless of ethnic origin.

Among the known tendencies, a group of higher risk of diabetes includes people of South Asian or African, African girls are more likely to be overweight, and the girls from India have wider waists compared to the young people from Europe. The researchers, therefore, decided to investigate the level of obesity in a youth of all ethnic groups, and its impact on cardiovascular health, to assess the differences of risk. The results were surprising, because regardless of the origin and sex, obese people at a young age increases the risk of cardiovascular and heart diseases at the age of about 20 years the same way.

diet-and-intelligenceHealthy eating from childhood affects brain health and intelligence in the future

A study involving tests on older people showed that pigment found in a green leafy vegetable is responsible for “crystallized intelligence” – the ability to use the skills and knowledge acquired throughout life.

Lutein – one of the plant pigments which is obtained by the consumption of green leafy vegetables, brassicas and the like, accumulates in the brain and deposited in the cell membranes, which plays, a kind of neuroprotective role. Previous studies have shown that the level of lutein in individuals is associated with cognitive performance throughout life, but recent studies show that accumulated in the gray areas of the brain lutein helps maintain cognitive function for healthy aging of the brain. The researchers found that higher levels of lutein in the blood serum improve our crystallized intelligence, and high content of lutein in the body, can guarantee only the long-term healthy diet. Scientists thorough research concluded the hypothesis that a diet rich in lutein, affects the structure of the brain, which is why healthy eating from an early age (a diet rich in green leafy vegetables), has an impact on the health of the brain and intelligence in the future.


That’s all in our health news this week. Visit us next week to learn more.

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