A healthy sexual life can increase satisfaction with professional work

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A healthy sexual life can increase satisfaction with professional work

As is apparent from last year’s survey, up to 50% of workers in the United States is not satisfied with their job. New research suggests, however, that there is a surprising way to increase job satisfaction, and that is the maintenance of a healthy sex life.

A healthy sex life can improve satisfaction and motivation at work

The researchers found that adults who lead a more active sexual life are less likely to report lower satisfaction and commitment to work. Keith Leavitt – professor of the College of Business at Oregon State University, and his colleagues published the discovery in the Journal of Management.

Through sex, our body releases the dopamine – a neurotransmitter that is associated with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction in our brain. Having sex stimulates the release of “hormone of love” which is oxytocin, that plays a significant role in sexual stimulation and the creation of social ties.

All these elements seem to confirm the fact that sex can improve mood and psychological well-being, thus in their study, the researchers agreed to see how it affects mood and behavior in the workplace.

Scientists their study verified 159 people who are within marriage. Twice a day for two weeks, participants completed a brief questionnaire in which they were asked to provide information about their sexual involvement at home, and their behavior at work the day after sexual intercourse.

As is well known, sex gives the benefits societal, emotional and physiological, and the results of tests showed clearly that the involvement of sex was associated with a more positive mood the next day. Participants reported a better mood, which was related to sex the previous day, and also they felt greater job satisfaction and much more engaged in their duties at work.

These findings established after taking into account other factors that could have an effect on mood, including overall life satisfaction or quality of sleep. As the researchers add, sex should be one of the most important aspects of our lives, because for his case we are apparently feeling better and simply, we are happier.

Maintaining a healthy relationship in which there is a healthy sexual life helps each of us derive greater job satisfaction, and also allows to increase involvement in the performance of professional duties. These active elements, therefore, bring benefits to both employees and the companies for which they are working.

The survey results, however, seem to have a negative aspect in the conflict between job duties and home. People who bring work home reduced the likelihood of sex. This situation, in turn, can lead to a poorer productivity in the workplace. Besides, it was observed that the widespread use of smartphones and other devices makes contacts at work taking place in the virtual world via emails and more, increasing the need to work outside of working hours.

Technologies become a temptation that makes us forget about the most important things, so sometimes it is worth to disconnect, and the best after-hours completely cut off from work and spend the time to cultivate a relationship and sex life – it will be good for all ( as well as for employers)!

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