Is spicy chili peppers the secret to a long life?

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Is spicy chili peppers the secret to a long life?

Recent studies bring good news for lovers of spicy food – as it turns out, eating spicy chili peppers, may help prolong life.

Eating spicy red chili peppers is a way to reduce the risk of premature death, according to the researchers. The study involving tests on more than 16 thousand people from the United States showed that those of them who ate chili, reduce substantially the risk of premature death associated with all the leading causes, compared to those who do not eat spicy food.

Co-authors of the study – Mustafa Chopan and Benjamin Littenberg of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, explained that chili pepper its properties owes to the capsaicin content. There are many types of peppers, all of which have different degrees of spiciness, but the most of the beneficial compound of capsaicin include hot peppers, such as, jalapeno. Studies suggest that capsaicin can offer numerous benefits to our health.

According to the latest research, capsaicin may be helpful in preventing breast cancer, and previous tests have also shown that it can also decrease the risk of developing colon cancer.

How are explaining Chopan and Littenberg, the above advantages are just a few of the benefits of consuming spicy dishes with the addition of chili peppers, which can prevent many health problems, actually reducing the risk of premature death. Found by the researcher’s relationship of regular consumption of spicy foods, and reduction in mortality is very clear.

The risk of premature death in people regularly consuming chili reduced by up to 13%.

Reduction of mortality associated with regular consumption of chili can be as high as 13%. This discovery confirms the analysis of the data of 16.179 people at the age of the 18. Studies have shown that regular consumption of spicy food based on chili, had an impact on the reduction of mortality associated with cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and strokes.

Scientists are not able to clarify the exact mechanisms that make chili, help prolong life, but capsaicin contained in peppers acts on receptors TRP. TRP activation of the vanilloid type 1 (TRPV1) appears to stimulate the mechanism in the cells that are associated with obesity by changing the catabolism of lipid mediators and increase thermogenesis. The researchers explain that this protection against obesity can lead to a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic problems, and lung diseases.

New research strengthens the legitimacy of the general conclusions of previous tests conducted on this topic. Overall, the latest findings confirm that eating hot peppers can reduce the risk of death, showing a definite decrease in mortality in people regularly consuming chili.

Chopan and Littenberg also add that previous studies (from 2015) were conducted only on Chinese adults. Hence the latest findings (based on a more diverse group of respondents), seem to confirm the effectiveness of a diet rich in spicy peppers addition, strengthening the validity of the earlier conclusions.

Both studies were observational, but the further analysis should examine the benefits of consumption of various varieties of chili peppers and their impact on our health and vitality. Such evidence may lead to new guidelines for the relationship between diet and health, update the dietary recommendations and help in the development of new medical therapies.

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