A healthy sexual life can increase satisfaction with professional work

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A healthy sexual life can increase satisfaction with professional work

As is apparent from last year’s survey, up to 50% of workers in the United States is not satisfied with their job. New research suggests, however, that there is a surprising way to increase job satisfaction, and that is the maintenance of a healthy sex life.

A healthy sex life can improve satisfaction and motivation at work

The researchers found that adults who lead a more active sexual life are less likely to report lower satisfaction and commitment to work. Keith Leavitt – professor of the College of Business at Oregon State University, and his colleagues published the discovery in the Journal of Management.

Through sex, our body releases the dopamine – a neurotransmitter that is associated with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction in our brain. Having sex stimulates the release of “hormone of love” which is oxytocin, that plays a significant role in sexual stimulation and the creation of social ties.

All these elements seem to confirm the fact that sex can improve mood and psychological well-being, thus in their study, the researchers agreed to see how it affects mood and behavior in the workplace.

Scientists their study verified 159 people who are within marriage. Twice a day for two weeks, participants completed a brief questionnaire in which they were asked to provide information about their sexual involvement at home, and their behavior at work the day after sexual intercourse.

As is well known, sex gives the benefits societal, emotional and physiological, and the results of tests showed clearly that the involvement of sex was associated with a more positive mood the next day. Participants reported a better mood, which was related to sex the previous day, and also they felt greater job satisfaction and much more engaged in their duties at work.

These findings established after taking into account other factors that could have an effect on mood, including overall life satisfaction or quality of sleep. As the researchers add, sex should be one of the most important aspects of our lives, because for his case we are apparently feeling better and simply, we are happier.

Maintaining a healthy relationship in which there is a healthy sexual life helps each of us derive greater job satisfaction, and also allows to increase involvement in the performance of professional duties. These active elements, therefore, bring benefits to both employees and the companies for which they are working.

The survey results, however, seem to have a negative aspect in the conflict between job duties and home. People who bring work home reduced the likelihood of sex. This situation, in turn, can lead to a poorer productivity in the workplace. Besides, it was observed that the widespread use of smartphones and other devices makes contacts at work taking place in the virtual world via emails and more, increasing the need to work outside of working hours.

Technologies become a temptation that makes us forget about the most important things, so sometimes it is worth to disconnect, and the best after-hours completely cut off from work and spend the time to cultivate a relationship and sex life – it will be good for all ( as well as for employers)!

Electrical stimulation effective in the treatment of a migraine?

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Electrical stimulation effective in the treatment of a migraine?

As it is suggested in the latest research, the use of patches using electrical stimulation to block pain signals to the brain, may one day replace the use of medications to treat migraines.

The researchers – Dr. David Yarnitsky of the Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel, and colleagues, suggest that treatment with a wireless network connected to the device for electrical stimulation can bring tangible results. New therapeutic use of the electronic stimulation device can significantly reduce the pain of a migraine up to 60% as demonstrated by recently conducted on a group of participants tests, which were compared with simulated therapy.

Migraines are recurrent headaches that are characterized by moderate to severe and constant or pulsating pain, which often occurs on one side of the head. Along with the pain, also happen very often a sensitivity to light and sound, and in some cases, there may also be nausea and vomiting.

Migraine headaches concern even around 12% of people, by touching the even three times more women than men.

Treatment or prevention of a migraine is variable depending on the severity of the symptoms. They are used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, triptans and beta-blockers. Unfortunately, due to various methods of treatment, frequently appears the risk of side effects.

Researchers believe that developed by them electrically stimulating patch may be an excellent alternative for the treatment of migraine sufferers, without the ongoing treatment with painkillers and at a similar effectiveness.

In a study conducted by researchers took part 71 adults who suffer from episodic migraines, and each of the volunteers was experiencing an average of two to eight a headache each month. At the participants was not applied any other drugs to prevent migraines for two months before the start of the study.

Volunteers were divided into two groups, in which one was treated with patches of electrical stimulation (known as Nerivio), and the other group received the simulated treatment stimulants.

Individuals who have used patches of electrical stimulation Nerivio noted a significant reduction in migraine pain.

Nerivio patch is a combination of bands, rubber electrodes, and the chip. The wireless device is connected to the application on the smartphone. After starting the device using an application, it starts to generate electrical impulses that stimulate the sensory nerves in the skin. The aim of this action is to prevent the arrival of pain impulses to the brain.

After the first sign of migraines, each participant informed about the use the patches Nerivio or stimulation device. They were examined by this method with the various levels of stimulation, and each test lasted about 20 minutes.

The researchers found that in the three highest levels of stimulation, up to 64% of participants using Nerivio patches have experienced a reduction in migraine pain, and 50% of them felt relief at 2 hours after stimulation. In the second group of patients, similar results have experienced only 26%.

A team of researchers has discovered, moreover, that at the highest level of stimulation, in 58% of those who suffered a moderate or a severe migraine, the pain became milder or disappeared after treatment Nerivio patches, compared to the second group, where similar changes have experienced only 28% people.

The most effective treatment was started within 20 minutes after the appearance of a migraine. Pain decreased then by 47%, while when the treatment was started later, the results were seen in 25%.

According to the researchers, the results of treatment appear to be as effective as those associated with the use of triptan. They require much more additional tests, but this method is going to be very promising. People with a migraine will have thanks to it the possibility of treatment without the use of drugs, and the new, easy-to-use device, that does not have side effects can be easily used at home, work and other places.

One and only limitation posed by the effectiveness of the device is the minimum of 20 minutes of submission to stimulation.

Regular physical activity is a way of preventing the recurrence of breast cancer

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Regular physical activity is a way of preventing the recurrence of breast cancer

Breast cancer is cancer in which the survival rate is significantly higher than for other forms of the disease, but it is burdened with the risk of recurrence. According to recent studies, there is a real chance to reduce the possibility of recurrence of breast cancer effectively. The new study, recommends regular physical activity and weight control because the choice a healthy lifestyle is the key to the prevention of disease recurrence.

The vast majority of breast cancer cases is diagnosed in the early stages, which gives a very high chance of successful treatment and survival. Over 90% of women with cancer are cases with breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage, and the survival rate of at least ten years is currently estimated at over 83%.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the tumor comes back in the form equal or more aggressive than before. Studies show that even in 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer, the disease reappears after some time in the form of metastases.

New research shows that some of the factors associated with lifestyle, help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer.

The study was carried out by Dr. Ellen Warner of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Canada, in collaboration with Dr. Julia Hamer. A scientific study was based on a meta-analysis of 67 articles that are associated with some choices related to lifestyle, including among others, regular physical activity, weight control, dietary patterns, smoking, or alcohol consumption. Overview of research showed the impact of changes made to the way of life on the chances of recurrence of cancer.

Among the most important aspects of supporting the prevention of recurrence of breast cancer have proven to be exercise and control of body weight. Those two most significant changes in lifestyle have become, in many cases, an effective preventive method. But we must remember that they can not be regarded as a panacea for breast cancer in each case. Some forms of breast cancer are particularly aggressive, and, unfortunately, can return despite best efforts and effected changes in lifestyle.

Importantly, patients should not think that, in the event of a relapse, their efforts have proved to be insufficient. Despite the changes and recurrence of the disease, patients can not feel guilty.

Between the civilizational factors, regular physical activity and avoidance of excessive weight gain, seem to be most effective ways to help increase the chances of health. These two essential elements support the treatment of cancer. Already 10% of weight gain after diagnosis with breast cancer increases the risk of death, so it is proper to take care of this aspect, because, paradoxically, it can save lives.

Women with overweight and obesity reduce their chances to treat breast cancer. In contrast, women who exercise moderately – about 30 minutes a day five days a week or 75 minutes a week are training intensively – significantly reduce the risk of recurrence of disease and premature death.

Diet does not seem to have too much impact on the recurrence of breast cancer. There are no specific types of eating patterns that could reduce the risk of developing the disease again. The authors add, however, that for example, consumption of soy is not harmful, but on the contrary – replacing with soy the meat products can help maintain a healthy weight.

Vitamins, alcohol and cigarette smoking and the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

The issue of vitamin supplementation, there are indications that there are no strong links between them and the incidence of breast cancer. Meta-analysis showed that the people providing the body with optimal doses of vitamin C could reduce mortality up to 15%. However, the subject still requires more detailed research.

Intake of vitamin D, in turn, can be helpful in maintaining bone strength and density, particularly for people who took chemotherapy and hormonal therapies, since these methods reduce the bone mineral density.

The authors strongly advise against smoking, because regardless of its links to cancer, it increases the risk of premature death. In the subject of alcohol consumption, the researchers claim that reducing their intake to one or less servings a day can be helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Positive lifestyle changes are not only a good way to ensure the health of the body, but they also affect psychological aspects. Promoting exercise, attention to a healthy weight, healthy diet, abandoning the habits of smoking and drinking alcohol, for everyone is an opportunity for a healthier and longer life. The study’s authors emphasize, however, that the significance of conventional cancer therapy is also important as the positive lifestyle changes. It is impossible to replace proper treatment with exercise and controlling of body weight.