Sedentary lifestyle as dangerous as smoking?

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Sedentary lifestyle as dangerous as smoking?

sedentary lifestyleThe use of tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer cases worldwide. This unwholesome habit is responsible for millions of deaths every year and is commonly recognized as very dangerous for general health condition. Nevertheless, almost a third of adults are exposed at equally bad consequences resulting from a lack of physical exercise. It is currently becoming a major issue, since inactivity is responsible for as many deaths as smoking. Some of the researches claim, that due to fast popularization of sedentary lifestyle across the globe, it should be treated even as a pandemic.

Dietary planThose surprising statistics were published by the Lancet journal in their report, which was made on the occasion of the 2012 Olympic Games held in London. Nowadays, the lack of physical exercise is causing over 5 million of deaths annually. What is worse, those numbers will presumably become even larger throughout the upcoming decades. That is why healthcare specialists come in to help and recommend an alteration of the point of view. The consequences coming from inactivity should be emphasized and mentioned at first, rather than only talking about benefits of physical activity. In addition, local governments might also take into consideration making physical activity more affordable, accessible and safer.

Get rid of the danger

Obviously, each individual can take care of himself as well. It is recommended to do approximately 2,5 hours of reasonable physical exercise within 7 days. The most popular examples of profitable activities include:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Walking up the stairs
  • Playing team games, such as football or volleyball

One should also bear in mind, that apart from aforementioned examples, simple everyday task are taken into account as well. Gardening, washing a car, raking leaves or sweeping a driveway on the regular basis can be relaxing, and at the same time, beneficial for overall health condition.

Numbers by country

stetoscopAlthough activity per one person might vary, depending on the method of estimating in given country, the specialists remained confident. Sedentary lifestyle is prevalent especially in developed countries, such as United Kingdom, United States or France. However, there are many potential causes of such distribution, thus it is difficult to point a single one. Interestingly, factors like criminality can also decrease people’s activity level, since one might be discouraged to visit a local park or use the cycling infrastructure, thinking about possible act of violence.

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