Strong muscles improve a health of the brain

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Strong muscles improve a health of the brain

strong musclesThere are numerous benefits of having a strong muscles and being in good shape. It is believed, that physical activities help to develop and maintain proper posture or improve performance, but more importantly, they prevent from injuries and dangerous diseases. Nevertheless, according to a latest research, there is one more advantage of strong muscles, that needs to be added on the list.

Improved muscle strength and its effects on the cognition

University of Sydney in Australia conducted a study, which was later published in Journal of American Geriatrics. It was done in order to prove significant connection between regular exercises and cognition improvements. The experiment was carried out on participants with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) who were between 55-68 years old. MCI is a disease characterized by cognitive disorders that are noticeable, but their intensity is not sufficient to disturb everyday routine. In fact, mild cognitive impairment might by an indicator of incoming dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Study and its outcome

szyja_kosciThe study involved 100 older participants with diagnosed MCI, which were divided into four groups. Two squads were assigned with weightlifting exercises, whereas other groups were told to perform low-intensity placebo activities, like seated stretching. The actual weightlifting sessions were done twice a week for six months, with exercises performed at 80% of maximum strength. Placebo exercises do not improved any aspect of cognition, whereas the outcome of weightlifting was impressive. The muscle strength along with cognitive functions were getting ameliorated with each session. In addition, aerobic activities result in increased size of anterior hippocampus by approximately 2%.

Reduced risk of dangerous conditions

wozek_inwalidzkiThe research not only revealed the connection between strong muscles and cognitive functions, but at the same time allowed to observe the aging process and development of the diseases related with mild cognitive impairment. Regular physical activities can reduce the risk of MCI, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, or at least postpone their onsets. Considering expensive treatment for those conditions and other benefits of strong muscles, regular exercises might be the best possible method to avoid them.

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